Voice of Aroha is an inclusive platform amplifying the voices of a variety of communities and their perspectives on many topics. Our team comes from a diverse background of former refugees in Wellington, with support from the local community.

Voice of Aroha is a platform that brings meaningful kōrero to the wider community through a range of discussions, programs, interviews and events focusing on amplifying the voices of the marginalized communities.

We aim to bring communities together while creating a safe space where former refugees can share their perspectives and take control of the narratives that concern us and contribute our opinions for a more progressive NZ.


Who We Are

A group of former refugees and members of local communities came together to establish a radio show which provides a platform for the diverse communities in Wellington. We aim for us all to collectively contribute by learning from each other about the issues affecting our communities. We will also be sharing information about events happening around Wellington and across Aotearoa New Zealand.  

Show Schedule

Wellington 106.1 FM Tuesday 3-4 PM Fortnightly


Voice of Aroha projects are brought to you with amazing support of our funders, thanks & much Aroha.

Further thanks to all other supporters and sponsors, & much Aroha.