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“If you care about people and places …..!” Mary

Community Power: Building a Better Life Together!

"This whole system is designed to stop people like us" Josh

"You have a vision for the future " Aurora


TWO brothers | Life and talk with Voice of Aroha / EP 3

"Don"t stay in your comfort zone! Go out of it and you will achieve way more than you expect" Carlos

"Live the moment don"t make life harder for yourself" Juan

"The people you hang out with is the people you become" Carlos

Message from VOA Chairperson Luis Perez | EP 2

“Keep supporting us” Message from Luis Perez

"Our economy in New Zealand is horrible" Ruth Chen

kōrero with Luhama Otaki Summer Camp | Ep001

"There is always power in people... All I have to say is Free Palestine" Luhama

The best yet to come ⭐️SEASON 5️⃣🎉✨

Coming soon season 5 ✨

“Cooking is like meditation for me” Mozhgan Restaurant owner

Persian Café is a unique and beautiful cafe that brings delicious Persian goods to Wellington.🤩

Highlights from Luo Community celebration in Wellington New Zealand

"I would really like people to continue feeling safe in New Zealand" Nioumi

"By doing this we are making our small community viesable" Jude

"New Zealand have got so many cultures and I am greatful we can bring everyone together" Isbella


Talk on Palestine | Special kōrero

"Just simply for their identity for being Palestinian" Shaymaa Arif

" We need to call for a ceasefire....." Laura Agel

"You don"t need to be a Palestinian....!" Shaymaa Arif

How was your experience with VOA? 💫

Special Interview from Fiji | Faiatea Fab Latasi

"We the older generation can see the difference made by climate change" Faiatea Fab Latasi

"There is mixed beliefs and some like me who believe in science of climate change"Faiatea Fab Latasi

" I always say there is nothing impossible" | Pelenise Alofa

“I always say there is nothing impossible “ Pelenise Alofa

What does climate mean to you?

Four years of producing Aroha | VOICE OF AROHA

Must Watch 🌟 What does climate mean to you?

Hope and Inspiration of young people ( Dani) - Aotearoa New Zealand Election

Hope and Inspiration of young people (Theo) - Aotearoa New Zealand Election

Hope and Inspiration of young people ( Rata) - Aotearoa New Zealand Election

Steven Moe talking about Seedspodcast

Luis in Fiji, more stories coming soon 💫 #aotearoa #podcast #fiji

"Everything that you doing matters" Steven Moe

Meet the candidates - Mana Electorate

Coming Soon ✨

Talking to Tran (Iris)Lee at TEDxYouth@Paparangi

Meet the Candidates Hutt South -Election Year 2023

"Keep being yourself! Be happy about yourself" Tran Le

Listen to those young inspiring youth

Talking to Heba owner of Living Yoga

"Zoe, Nick and Ruth.... Three inspiring young people"