An inclusive safe space for changing the narrative, and empowering the voice of marginalized communities in Aotearoa



To empower the voice of diverse communities, by sharing untold stories, bringing uncomfortable topics to the table, build social cohesion by showcasing different cultures in Aotearoa society.

To connect people to organizations and government agencies to make sure the voice of communities are heard.

Who We Are

A group of former refugees and members of local communities came together to establish a radio show which provides a platform for the diverse communities in Wellington. We aim for us all to collectively contribute by learning from each other about the issues affecting our communities. We will also be sharing information about events happening around Wellington and across Aotearoa New Zealand.  

We acknowledge the mahi and give thanks to our previous Voice of Aroha team members.

Our aims

To amplify the different perspectives of the communities living in the Wellington region and share their experiences.

To provide a space that amplify the voices of the communities of former refugees and encourage a more inclusive and accepting society in Aotearoa

To highlight and inspire stories of people from refugee backgrounds and their contributions to New Zealand.

Increase awareness about topics that aren’t covered in mainstream media and open a dialogue to create solutions.

To encourage and empower our youth and communities by engaging with different activities and events happening at both the local and national level.