King regarding Dark, upload the fresh new gleam you like to lend towards the routine blessing of one’s wedded virgin!

Sappho, Fragment 111 (trans. Campbell, Vol. Greek Lyric We) (Greek lyric C6th B.C.) : “Toward high the roof–Hymenaios (Hymenaeus)!–rise up, you carpenters–Hymenaios! the brand new bridegroom is on its way.”

Maids out of Troy, don the smartest clothes : already been, and you can sing my personal matrimony-tune, hail new lover Eros (Love) and you can Future hire in my situation!

Euripides, Virus Female 310 ff (trans. Vellacott) (Greek problem C5th B.C.) : “Kassandra (Cassandra) [lamenting the fall of Troy plus the enslavement of one’s Troe! Ton brand new walls that have holy white! Praise this new Almighty Hymen (Hymenaeus), Goodness out-of emnon, master from my personal maiden flesh, Queen off Argos, simply take myself! Heaven’s true blessing falls into myself and you can drops for you. Pay attention to our shout away from worship, Hymen, God from Wedding! Mommy [Hekabe, Hecuba], because you crouch and cry weak that have rips and you will loud with despair to own my personal beloved inactive area and you can my killed father, I’ve produced them–torches to own my personal matrimony-night, jumping white and you will dance flames, on the honor, Hymen, Jesus from hot notice! Performers, come! Sagging your own leaping feet, nuts with drink away from euphoria! Glorify my dad’s happier future! God Apollon, lead that it holy routine dance! On your temple-legal, beneath your immortal laurel-tree, We your priestess turn to your! Hymen, great jesus, Hymen, tune in to! Been and you can dance, mother, dancing with me; attraction the newest Energies that have happy terms and conditions, loudly chant the daughter’s marriage-song! Very whirl and become into the finest euphoria! “

Aristophanes, Wild birds 1720 (trans. O’Neill) (Greek comedy C5th in order to fourth B.C.) : “[A marriage song :] Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios (Hymenaeus)! Rosy Eros (Love) into the golden wings held the latest reins and led this new chariot; ’twas he, who presided along the connection away from Zeus and also the lucky Hera. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios!”

Aristophanes, Peace 1316 ff : “[An ancient Greek marriage song (hymenaios) :] Trygaios (Trygaeus) : Come, wife, on the industries and you will search, my personal charm, to lighten and enliven my personal evening. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios (Hymenaeus)! Chief of one’s Chorus (singing) : Oh! thrice-happy people, which so well are entitled to your fortune! Oh! Hymen! oh oh! Hymenaios! Chorus (singing) : Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Trygaios (singing) : What will i do to their own? Chorus (singing) : Just what will we do to their particular? Trygaios (singing) : We shall collect their particular kisses. Chorus (singing) : We will collect their own kisses. Frontrunner of the Chorus (singing) : But been, comrades, i who’re in the first row, let us pick-up brand new groom and you will hold your during the profits. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Trygaios (singing) : You’ll possess a superb house, no cares together with most readily useful from figs. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Commander of your own Chorus (singing) : The fresh new bridegroom’s fig is very good and you may thick; the newest bride’s very delicate and delicate. Trygaios (singing) : If you’re restaurants and you can sipping strong draughts out-of drink, consistently repeat: Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios, Hail, hail, my buddies. All of the exactly who include me personally should keeps cakes galore.”

Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4. 1158 ff (trans. Rieu) (Greek unbelievable C3rd B.C.) : “[The fresh new Phaiakes (Phaeacians) commemorate the marriage off Iason (Jason) and Medea :] After that its temples wreathed having leafy branches, they performed the brand new hymneia-tune in unison beyond your bridesmaid chamber for the clear notes regarding Orpheus’ lyre.”

C.) : “Kleio (Clio) this new Mousa (Muse) fell deeply in love with a man, centered on Likymnios (Licymnius), and many envision Hymenaios (Hymenaeus) is their particular child

Antoninus Liberalis, Metamorphoses 23 (trans. Celoria) (Greek mythographer C2nd An excellent.D.) : “Magnes [King out-of Magnesia] . . . had an excellent young buck, Hymenaios (Hymenaeus), admired by the all over having his appearance. Apollon watched the brand new lad and you will fell deeply in love with him and you can wouldn’t go out regarding Magnes.”

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